Traditional ads on digital channels are no longer capable of capturing people's interest. Advertisers with increasingly demanding objectives see how their investment is less effective every day. At PlayFilm we believe that both advertisers and consumers deserve better advertising.

In 2014 PlayFilm developed the first interactive video project in Spain and since then it has been improving its interactive video technology. In 2019, we launched our lead capture software with the aim of helping companies sell more through our Interactive Video + Artificial Intelligence technology.

Milestones PlayFilm

2021 - PlayFilm continues to grow and reaches €2.8 million in turnover.

2020 - Develops new artificial intelligence technology to optimize the cost of acquiring new customers. It becomes a provider of the main advertisers that capture leads in Spain.

2019 - Specialization in capturing leads in advertising campaigns. Provider of the main advertisers in the Training sector in Spain.

2016-2018 - Growth in large branding projects with interactive video.

2015 - New Interactive Video Editor product focused on Branding campaigns.

2014 - PlayFilm is founded. First interactive video project in Spain with Coca-Cola

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